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Rob in ''Vanidades'' Magazine

Posted By LolaMiSweetlove ~ Aug 25, 2010 11:16AM

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ROBERT PATTINSON – With the third installment of Twilight in theaters, the actor faces the challenge of getting prestige with other roles.

He is one of the young actors that has to deals with the problems of extreme fame. Others like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon survived the initial craze and established their careers with benefits. Will the young Englishman with tussled hair and warm smile be able to do the same? This 24 year old causes hysterics amongst adolescent fans of the vampire Twilight series. Many want to visit his old Vancouver residence (where he filmed the moviet) and others send insulting e-mails to any Internet site that dares talk badly about Edward Cullen, the vampire of the series that he portrays.

The majority of actors have success in the big screen and then establish themselves in other choices in the horizon. Not many people remember Christopher Atkins (the actor from The Blue Lagoon) or Mark Hamil (the hero of Star Wars) for example. It’s because the future of their careers depends on the ability to “separate themselves” from that first box-office hit and establish themselves. Fame reached Robert Pattinson through the Twilight Saga and his great challenge is the fingerprint he left in Remember Me, the first movie in which he is not a vampire.

How did you feel not having to bite anyone?
What makes you think I didn’t? (laughs) No the truth is that movie was different. At least I didn’t have to use so much makeup all the time.

The character of Taylor Hawkins in Remember Me who rebels against his father has a lot to do with what James Dean did more than 50 years ago in Rebel Without a Cause. Do you think the comparison is fair?
Yes, of course, it’s inevitable. All generations of movie actors after him have been touched by his work and his image, as well as the characters he interpreted. I’m not going to lie and not say that I too identify with Dean.

Are you afraid you’ll be known as the actor who can only interpret lost souls?
Of course not. The secret in my career is to take short and safe steps. I do care about how I’m perceived but I’m not going to make decisions depending on what others say. I have to work to get characters with that defined intensity. That’s what I like.

How do you think you’ll be perceived after the Twilight Saga?
The perception people have of us changes when one is famous, and what’s worse is that I can’t do anything about it. Of course I take into consideration the perception people have of me. However, I like to do things for myself. I always thought no one was going to watch the movie, Little Ashes, in which I played Salvador Dali. However, after Twilight a lot of people went to see it. When I realized the eyes of the world were on my work, I lost the fear of experimenting new things.

Robert has a very united family in London. He likes to hang out with his sisters Victoria and Lizze, two and four years older than him. He grew up loving music and transformed into a pianist and guitarist, until he discovered acting and became a movie actor. He received public attention in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in which he had special participation interpreting a very charismatic character. Since that moment you could see the capability of the young 18 year old. Pattinson chose a movie completely different that what his public is used to and put himself in the skin of Salvador Dali in Little Ashes, a film that explores the relationship with his creative partner Federico Garcia Lorca. His life was going to take a quieter route, but was offered the movie of the Twilight saga. No critic or movie buff could have guessed the success of the films, and thus appeared a new generation of avid young readers who found in the story of Edward and Bella the theme to make their hearts beat romantically. Since Rhett Buttler and Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With the Wind the public had not responded in such a favorable manner. The fact that no one can stop talking about the supposed romance between Pattinson and Bella (the actress) Kristen Stewart ignites the interest in the films even more. After two years of speculation neither one has commented on the alleged romance and each time they are asked they pretend to not have heard the question. They maintain their distance publicly, but it’s known that both dislike the company of others and are as romantic as fans imagine them to be.


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